Additional services

  • We provide product development from idea to launch in the area of our expertise. It includes designing requirements, processes, workflows. Our key domains: Fintech, digital marketplaces and merchants.
  • We develop software products and customized business applications, applied computer programs and their components, as well as Internet sites and/or online services and access to them.
  • The developed IT resources are deployed and could be accessed in the cloud data storage (Amazon AWS datacenter is mainly used), we provide cloud computing and data processing, posting of information on web sites and related activities.
  • Upon request, we also provide customers with support for a period of time, which may include any changes, updates, supplements, add-ons and/or enhancements to the functionality of the computer programs. We also provide integrations by APIs, connect databases and interfaces of the different systems. As a result, we are able to quickly bind and implement the leading products, services & applications with each other and 3rd parties.