Criminals install special overlays on the ATM that simulate an input panel. These overlays read the PIN code of the card and attackers can take over the finances of the victims.
Also, in addition to linings, criminals install other devices:

  • Hidden cameras;
  • Readers of magnetic strips;
  • Converter of magnetic tape data of cards into a digital code.

Since fraudsters use real stolen data to obtain benefits, it is difficult for the cardholder to prove the fact of fraud.

How to avoid skimming?

  • If possible, use ATM machines located at bank branches. If this is not possible, use ATMs that are located in crowded places;
  • Inspect the ATM before inserting the card. Do not use the ATM if you notice gaps between components, suspicious parts.
  • Do not give the card to anyone other than employees of the bank branches;
  • There are anti-skimming ATM machines that vibrate when the card is inserted inside. Use them.

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