Fraud prevention system

A fraud prevention system is a set of rules and techniques, the main purpose of which is to identify fraudulent transactions and their subsequent blocking. Paymentop provides merchants with the integration of payment gateways with reliable fraud prevention systems that include various systems for detecting and neutralizing suspicious transactions. Thanks to the flexibility of our system, the client can adjust the sensitivity of the filters themselves from a personal account, or our specialists will provide this procedure for you.

What fraud prevention methods do payment processors use?

Address verification system

The essence of this technique is to check the compliance of the entered payment address of the cardholder with the one stored in the acquiring bank. If used correctly, this service can reduce the likelihood of fraud in transactions without a card. This type of authentication is used as part of a complex system to increase the guarantee of transaction security.

The disadvantage of this method is that addresses can change and even a legitimate transaction can be rejected.

Biometric verification

Payment providers can implement a biometric payment verification system for their customers. Using a fingerprint or face scan, the customer can confirm that it is the legitimate cardholder who initiates the transaction.

3D Secure technology

The principle of a 3D secure technology is as follows: After entering the payment data, the cardholder is redirected to the secure bank page. At the same time, a one-time password is received on the mobile phone, which must be entered in the page entry field.

Phone call authorization

To confirm the payment, a bank employee, usually, a robot can call the number indicated when the card is issued and ask to identify the payment by pressing a certain button.

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